Secure Payment

An SSL Certificate is a portion of software that encodes all material going in and out of the certificate owner’s website. This means that there can be no possibility of any exchange overheard by an outer party between the visitor and the website. Hence:

  • Our website is 100% safe from the hackers and is protected against hijacking attacks.
  • We have a malware scanner that guards against malevolent links.
  • We have a 256-bit encoding and 99.99% search engine recognition.

Site scanner helps to keep our visitors safe and protected from the hackers who want to infect your visitors with spyware and steal customer information from the website. It does so be detecting malware links where there can be a possible threat for the virus and runs a security check. The scanner offers an automatic daily scan that runs to detect threats and viruses on a website prior to they can be exploited. This automatic daily scan generally checks for more than 3000 possible susceptibilities each day that can be exploited by the hackers to inject malware, steal information or insert spyware.

A Certified Domain shows website visitors that the registration and control of the website's domain name were validated.

A Certified seller (BuyRealTraffic.Net) has delivered supplementary evidence of their identity to PayPal by clearing important security checks and carrying out the PayPal Verification process. Verification upsurges the inclusive security of the PayPal network since most buyers choose to do business with certified sellers. Therefore, we upsurge the confidence and security in our website. Consumers can feel more self-assured doing business with Verified sellers, who are more likely to be authentic, reliable merchants.

Buy Traffic GuideThe Buy Traffic Guide team came up with the seal of approval idea when we discussed the website traffic phenomena. We all agreed that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between sites that offer nothing but scam and fraud, and sites that actually provide what they promise.

As the discussion progressed we realized that there are some conditions that every true, professional non-fraudulent site must have and must provide. We decided that we should make sure that the traffic providers have fulfilled those conditions, and we should let everyone know.