Targeted Traffic

Which Traffic Is For Me?

Web & Mobile Traffic

Target your visits by niche and location and increase the website traffic.

Adult Traffic

For advertisers who run their own adult sites or any adult related offer.

Alexa Traffic

Increase your Alexa Rank by getting visitors who use Alexa Toolbar.


Buyrealtraffic.Net is your online marketing wizard that will give your business increased online presence by providing latest marketing solutions. By improving your web presence we mean increasing your real traffic, more targeted traffic means more potential for work and earn.

As a BuyRealTraffic.Net team, we supply country and niche targeted Web/Mobile/Adult Traffic. Also, we provide U.S. State Targeted Traffic, One Pop-Up Allowed Traffic (for who has a website with pop-up window), and Alexa Traffic.

The BuyRealTraffic.Net Traffic Network

Buyrealtraffic.Net does not operate as a single entity but we have a network of websites all over the World Wide Web, each targeting on a specific category. Bringing you real human traffic from various portals and selecting your targeted traffic. We operate both in niche and mass markets.

Targeted Web Traffic

This targeted traffic is different than other wholesale traffic suppliers. When you buy targeted website traffic from us, we simply redirect traffic from a similar domain as yours, directly to your website.

Every targeted visitor we send to your site is a REAL person that will be redirected to and see your website in FULL PAGE VIEW and may be interested in your product or service!

Targeted Website Traffic options include your choice of categories as well as Country.


The Redirection Process

The redirection process is very simple; we rout targeted traffic to your website by this simple strategy. Every time a visitor lands on one of Buyrealtraffic.Net's networking website, we redirecting the visitor to best matching website among the customers' websites and lets the visitor know about your online existence. (Only during peak traffic periods, we are supplying up to %20 pop-up traffic.)

We guarantee that every visitor that you buy from us is both genuine and unique. Since, our traffic is not clicking ads automatically, we can say that our traffic is "AdSense Safe" if you control/use it logically.

With the constant increase of online-marketing, we make sure we are up-to-date and deliver the best targeted traffic to your site by the use of:

  • Latest Tools,
  • Advanced Promotion Technology,
  • Constantly Updated & Optimized Traffic Network,
  • Reliability, and
  • Economical Solutions
Geographic and Language Targeting

It is very vital to notice that the narrower the target audience the broader the traffic perspective. If we produce general traffic that is not the targeted traffic for your exact product or service then it would be a waste of both our efforts and your money.

The human traffic must be geographically specific because internet is a global market; a company providing shipments to Europe does not need clients from the U.S and vice versa.

Similarly if the website is in a language alien to the visitor then it will again not be the targeted traffic your website needs. This is why we focus on finding you your unique visitors by filtering out the language and geographical preferences.

We have a 24/7 dedicated team to respond to your queries and purchases. In case, you start your project with us, you will instantly receive an email from one of our efficient sales staff, in which he will be providing you guidelines with your website analysis and design a custom campaign for you. We have a devoted team that assures that your website is getting the exact targeted traffic by routing you real visitors form content-rich and search engine friendly websites, who are our partner affiliates.  No other online advertising method can promise you this quality of targeted traffic within limited time. Our advertising techniques are fool-proof because they bring you the real desired traffic from most high ranked websites on the search engine. And every campaign we design is tailored for your individual project.

First, You complete the order.
Second, We receive the order and send you a confirmation e-mail with your control panel account.
Third, You can watch live stats from your panel.

Recommended Pages-Better Results

Buyrealtraffic.Net puts its best to bring you the real targeted traffic specified for your website, but there is another factor that might complement or destroy the whole campaign.

Your webpage cannot include:
- Automatically playing sound or video with audio
- Pop-up windows on load or exit (Except of One Pop-up allowed traffic option)
- Automatic software installers, adware or trojans
- Content which promotes illegal activity
- Frame breaking codes
- Forced javascript prompts

Here are a few mistakes mostly companies make in deciding on an ad page that in turn leads the customers away from your ad, rather than wanting them to read more.

  • Unclear message,
  • Overstuffed design element,
  • Vague content,
  • A long sign-up form, and
  • Focused on what you are good at

The customers don’t want to know what you are best at; they want to know what’s in it for them. Always design and plan your ad keeping yourself in the target traffics shoes. Deliver what the customers want.