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Selling targeted traffic as never been so easy, profitable and risk free!

All traffic sellers who have an online advertising or hosting related website can join our reseller network for free! Please provide an email address which belongs to your domain name when you submit your application with a valid phone number.


You are now ready to start accepting orders through the BuyRealTraffic.Net's system.

*Are you a business owner and interested in adding a new revenue stream to your business portfolio?
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*Are you an entrepreneur with no website, but have a desire to operate your own business?
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Selling traffic has not been this easy before. Become a BuyRealTraffic.Net reseller now and experience the simplicity in selling traffic to your advertisers. When you sign up to join BuyRealTraffic.Net's reselling program we provide you traffic that is category specific, geo-targeted traffic (we have different daily traffic limits for each country) at WHOLESALE TRAFFIC prices. After, you can easily set your own profit margin to maximize your online revenue. You also have the opportunity to create your own brand reseller program, set your own reseller price and provide the reseller system to others under your own private label.

Traffic re-selling is a huge business that is constantly expanding, every single website requires traffic this means your service is always in high demand. We provide our resellers with the tools and support to become highly successful resellers.


Reseller Account Features

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Add unlimited users
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Add unlimited traffic campaigns
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Activate campaigns instantly
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Update traffic campaigns instantly
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Add credits to your server with PayPal
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Choose the number of daily visitors for your traffic campaign
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Enable your customers to renew their traffic campaigns from the stats area
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Set up and sell traffic campaigns from the stats area


Global Mainstream Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 1000k/day $390.00 $0.78/CPM
Country Targeted Mainstream Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 300k/day $577.50 $1.14/CPM
Global Adult Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 500k/day $442.50 $0.88/CPM
Country Targeted Adult Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 200k/day $652.50 $1.30/CPM


Global Mainstream Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 1000k/day $637.50 $0.63/CPM
Country Targeted Mainstream Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 300k/day $967.50 $0.96/CPM
Global Adult Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 500k/day $862.50 $0.86/CPM
Country Targeted Adult Traffic
CATEGORY TARGETED+NO POPUP Up to 200k/day $1102.50 $1.10/CPM

List of Available Countries for Targeted Adult and Mainstream Traffic Campaigns

red_bullet Argentina red_bullet Egypt red_bullet Korea red_bullet Slovenia
red_bullet Australia red_bullet Finland red_bullet Malaysia red_bullet Spain
red_bullet Belgium red_bullet France red_bullet Mexico red_bullet Sweden
red_bullet Brazil red_bullet Germany red_bullet Morocco red_bullet Switzerland
red_bullet Bulgaria red_bullet Hong Kong red_bullet Netherlands red_bullet Taiwan
red_bullet Canada red_bullet Hungary red_bullet Poland red_bullet Thailand
red_bullet China red_bullet India red_bullet Portugal red_bullet Turkey
red_bullet Croatia red_bullet Israel red_bullet Romania red_bullet United States
red_bullet Czech Republic red_bullet Italy red_bullet Russia red_bullet United Kingdom
red_bullet Denmark red_bullet Japan red_bullet Singapore red_bullet And More!

List of Available Categories for Targeted Mainstream Traffic

red_bullet Casino red_bullet Computer Advice red_bullet Food & Beverage red_bullet Industry red_bullet Personal page
red_bullet Horse & Dog Racing red_bullet Computer Peripherals red_bullet Free Stuff red_bullet Information red_bullet Pets
red_bullet Sports Betting red_bullet Computer Programming red_bullet Furniture red_bullet Insurance & Banking red_bullet Real Estate
red_bullet Free Games red_bullet Computer Software red_bullet Gambling red_bullet Internet Services red_bullet Religion
red_bullet Advertising Media red_bullet Computer Viruses red_bullet Games red_bullet Investment red_bullet Safety & Security
red_bullet Agriculture red_bullet Confectionary red_bullet Gardening red_bullet Jewelry red_bullet Sales
red_bullet Animals red_bullet Consumer Electronics red_bullet Genealogy red_bullet Jobs & Careers red_bullet Science
red_bullet Antiques red_bullet Cooking red_bullet Geography red_bullet Kids Activities red_bullet Seniors & Retirement
red_bullet Arts red_bullet Cosmetics red_bullet Gifts red_bullet Kitchen red_bullet Shopping
red_bullet Associations red_bullet Crafts red_bullet Golf red_bullet Language red_bullet Smoking & Tobacco
red_bullet Astronomy red_bullet Credit Cards red_bullet Government red_bullet Law & Law Enforcement red_bullet Software
red_bullet Auctions red_bullet Dance red_bullet Hair red_bullet Loans red_bullet Sports
red_bullet Autos red_bullet Debt Consolidation red_bullet Health red_bullet Magazines red_bullet Tax
red_bullet Babies red_bullet Diet red_bullet Health for Men red_bullet Marketing (Internet) red_bullet Toys
red_bullet Bathroom red_bullet Domain Names red_bullet Health for Women red_bullet Matchmaking/Dating red_bullet Training
red_bullet Beauty red_bullet Education red_bullet High Tech red_bullet Media red_bullet Travel & Tourism
red_bullet Bicycles red_bullet Employment red_bullet History red_bullet Mobile Phones red_bullet Transportation
red_bullet Boats red_bullet Entertainment red_bullet Hobbies red_bullet Money Making red_bullet Web Design
red_bullet Books red_bullet Exhibitions red_bullet Home-Based Business red_bullet Mortgages red_bullet Web Hosting
red_bullet Business red_bullet Fabrics Family red_bullet Household Elec Items red_bullet Movies & Films red_bullet Web Resources
red_bullet Business Opp red_bullet Farming red_bullet Home Improvement red_bullet Multi-Level-Marketing red_bullet Webmasters
red_bullet Camping red_bullet Fashion for Men red_bullet Horoscopes & Astrology red_bullet Music/MP3 red_bullet Wedding & Marriage
red_bullet Charity red_bullet Fashion for Women red_bullet Horses red_bullet Nature & Animals red_bullet 18+ Adult
red_bullet Childrens Products red_bullet Finance red_bullet Hotels red_bullet Office Supplies red_bullet And more!
red_bullet Clothes red_bullet Fitness red_bullet Humour & Fun red_bullet Organisations    
red_bullet Collectibles red_bullet Flights red_bullet Income Opportunities red_bullet Personal Advice